Laugh! All the way!

27 04pmSat, 01 Apr 2006 13:09:51 +00002006-04-01T13:09:51+00:0001 2006

An Indian traveling in an Air India flight suddenly belched, "Baaaae…"
The American lady who was on the next seat was irritated and asked, "What
is this?" He replied, "Air Indiaaa…"

After performing a long surgery the doctor was relaxing. A nurse came to
doctor with a pale face and told: "Doctor, I left my wallet in patient's stomach during the operation!" 
Doctor: "Don't worry, you will get it tomorrow during the postmortem".

Rajani is the wife of a film actor. Her friend asked Rajani: "You don't look upset at all after hearing the news of your 
husband's car accident".
Rajani told: "How would I cry until I know whether it is the Original or Dupe?"

Patient: "Doctor, my problem is now lack of memory. I forget everything. Now when I was coming by bus, I bought 
ticket twice.
Doctor: "Don't worry…. You just think that I am always with you".
Patient: "That's why I took two tickets".

God made Earth and rested,
God made man and rested,
God made woman, and since then neither God nor man rested


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