I am incomplete…..

27 06pmWed, 28 Jun 2006 17:02:18 +00002006-06-28T17:02:18+00:0005 2006

Give place to my breath in your heart, I Want to Forget Myself in Your Love, Let Me Become Memory less,My Breath Was Incomplete, My Beats Was Incomplete And Me Too, But Now The Things Are Changed Now The Moon Is Complete On Earth And Showering His Sunlight On Earth And Giving Me The Way Of Your Heart So I Can Be Reach In Dark Night. 

How Can You Go Far Away From Me,How Can You Forget Me,I Will Become A Fragrance and Spread in Your Breath So How Can You Stop Your Breath. 

Eyes Are the Language of Heart,True Love Is Always Speechless.If We Will Have Heartache In Love So No Need to Be Afraid,We Heard That Coz Of Heartache The Love Becomes Stronger. 

Hey God Today You Have To Be a True and Make a Decision,Become Her Mine and Mine Too Her, I Have A Lots of Sorrow,Now Make My Wish Come True and Give Me Happiness (She).It’s Becoming Hard To Live Without Her……I Am Crazy In Love With Her……Hey God Decrease the Distance of My Love…..And However She Is Far From Me Make Her More More More Closer to Me,If Her Name Is Didn’t Written In Line Of My Hand…. So Finish My Life And Make It Hell Coz I Can’t Live Without Her, I Love Her. 

Oh My Heart, Forget Beating Coz When You Are Beating Her Memories Are Torment Me More. 

Oh My Love Don’t Get Mad At  Me I Don’t Know How To Mellow Your Anger, Oh My Love Don’t Go Far From I Couldn’t Live Without You, If You Will Forget Me Your Wish…How Will I Forget You Even I Don’t Know How To Forget. 

You Know In Our Eyes Having So Many Dreams,And In Eyes We Fall And Taking Care, If You Don’t Know Look At In My Eyes Everything Is Written There, If I Will Start To Say You Will Be Take Wrong Meaning, Coz Words Having Thousands Of Meaning. 



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