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Shayaries III

27 06amFri, 09 Jun 2006 09:22:47 +00002006-06-09T09:22:47+00:0009 2006

tere dil mein meri saanson ko jagah mil jaaye
tere ishq mein meri jaan fanaa ho jaaye
adhoori saans thi dhadkan adhoori thi adhooren ham
magar ab chaand poora hain falak pe aur ab pooren hain hamBekhudi Ki Zindagi Hum Jiya Nahi Karte,
Yun kisika ka Jaam Hum Piya Nahi Karte.
Unse Kehdo Mohabbat Ka Izhaar Aakar Khud Karein,
Yun Kisika Peecha Hum Nahin KarteâDur Humse Jaa Paoge Kaise,
Humko Bhool Paoge Kaise.
Hum Who Khushbu Jo Saanson Mein Utar Jaye, Khud Apni Saanxon Ko Rok Paoge Kaise..Ankhen to pyar me dilki zuban hoti hai,
sachi chahat to sada bezuban hoti hai,
pyar mai dard bhi mile to kya gabrana,
suna hai dard se chahat aur jawan hoti hai….Tere Dile mein meri saanson ko panah mil jaaye Tere Ishq mein meri Jaan Fanaa Ho jaayeâ.E Khuda Aaj Ye Faisla Karde,
Use Mera ya Mujhe Uska Karde.
Bahut Dukh Sahe He Maine,
Koi Khusi Ab Toh Muqadar Karde.
Bahot Muskil Lagta Hai Usse Duur Rehna,
Judai Ke Safar Ko Kum Karde.
Jitna Duur Chale Gaye Woh Mujhse,
Use Utna Kareeb Karde.
Nahi Likha Agar Nasib Me Uska Naam,
To Khatam Kar Ye Zindagi aur Mujhe FANAA Karde


I Love You. .

27 06amWed, 07 Jun 2006 10:11:53 +00002006-06-07T10:11:53+00:0010 2006

I never really knew you
You were just another friend
But when I got to know you,
I let my heart unbend.

I couldn't help past memories
that would only make me cry

So I've fallen in love with you
and I'll never let you go
I love you more than anyone
I just had to let you know

And if you ever wonder why
I don't know what I'll say
But I'll never stop loving you
each and every day

My feelings for you will never change
Just know my feelings are true
Just remember one thing
I Love You!



Nothing Can Compare to You

27 06amWed, 07 Jun 2006 10:10:49 +00002006-06-07T10:10:49+00:0010 2006

The gentle breeze of the air around me,
The sound of the ocean slowly rolling,
The beauty of the sunset,
The feel of the sand as I walk along a beach,
Can never compare to you.

The sweet smell of a rose,
The kiss of the snow as it falls to the ground,
The bite of the rain as if falls on me spinning in the street,
The love of my family and friends,
Can never compare to you.

Nothing in this world,
Can compare to the way I feel for you..
The way I feel when I'm with you,
Nothing can compare to tour embrace,
I would give everything… to feel… this love,
The love you once had for me,


“A Lost Soul…”

27 06amWed, 07 Jun 2006 09:54:35 +00002006-06-07T09:54:35+00:0009 2006

I wander, solitary and alone
Broken and dying without your love.
My hands ache with the need to caress your skin
Against my own.
My heart bleeds with an endless longing to be
Held just once more in your embrace.
My lips long only for the heat and passion of
Your own against them.
And my eyes yield to the overwhelming power
Of the tears they fight to hold back.
I am a lost soul,
And shall remain eternally as such.
Until the day I find myself
Wrapped tightly in your sweet embrace.
Once again!!