Great love quote……

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1) Friends and Friendship. It’s A Package Of Feelings. Nobody Can Delete It, Nobody Can Explain It. Only We Can Feel It.

2) Every Nice Person Like You Is A Glimpse Of God. As It Is One Of His Blessings, Which Is A Priceless Gift That Can Never Be Bought, Sold Or Forgotten.

3) Friendship Doesn’t Occur With Special People… But People Become Special After Being Friends….. I Don’t Know What I Am To You, But You Are Always Special To Me….

4) Without Your mail  Days Are Like… : 
& “Sadday”
So mail Me Everyday…..!!!

5) If Anyone Ever Asked Me What The Statement “Life Is Beautiful” Meant To Me, I Did Just Put My Arm Around Your Shoulder, Hold You Close To Me & Say “This Is It”

6) I Lovely Quote: We Always Love Our Love Coz Our Love Always Loves What We Love To Love & Your Love Loves The Way You Love Your Love. So Keep Loving….

7) Whenever You See Love Coming, Welcome It, Open Your Arms, Embrace It & Let It Enter In To You….! People Will Ask You Are You In Love…? Just Say No Love Is In Me…..!

8) Leave Something For Someone……. Never Leave Someone For Something….. Coz In Life, Something Will Leave You, But Someone Will Never Leave You….

9) Nobody’s Right Till Somebody’s Wrong; Nobody’s Weak Till Somebody’s Strong; Nobody’s Lucky Till Love Comes Along; Nobody’s Lonely Till Somebody’s Gone….

10) Perfect Love Is Not Receiving, It’s Giving And Forgiving. Perfect Love Is Not Red Roses On Valentine Day. It’s The Rest Of The 365 Days Of Knowing Your Love….!



  1. i like your page it was very intersting

  2. Wow, design is much better from my last visit ,my respect!

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