Love is written in……

27 08pmThu, 03 Aug 2006 13:29:58 +00002006-08-03T13:29:58+00:0001 2006

Love is written in God’s heaven above
In His book is each divine love
When you first met your one and only
You knew you’d never again be lonely

A love so true as the sky is blue
You know too that you’ll follow through
So special is the thrill
Excitement as love grows, until
You ask that special one to marry
It is almost too scary
Unless you hear them say yes
And then you feel so blessed

To share your life with a husband or a wife
No matter happiness or strife
A true love will endure
And always will matureA lifetime adventure
everyone knows it’s a risky venture
But true love always wins
so let yourself begin


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